Get New Hosting Clients With Holiday Promotions

Clients are always looking for special deals on hosting & domains and it’s a lot easier for you to take advantage of the holidays to provide them. The best tip is to not give them something for less, but give them something for more. Here are 5 holiday specials that will guarantee you new clients – even if it’s one or two they all help.

Easter specials – A really good way to get potential clients interested is to give them a choice of 3 Easter egg offers. There is cash back on hosting in one of them, you get 6 months free in the other and they can get a free domain with their next purchase in another.

Christmas specials – Christmas is all about giving presents, so why not give your new clients one and give them 6 months extra free hosting if they purchase 6 months hosting?

Halloween specials – Offer some stupidly scary deals, 25% off, 50% off or even 75% off!

New Year specials – New year is a new start for everyone, give your clients a new start and give them a free domain with any 12 month hosting purchase.

Summer specials. – You can offer a lot of different “sizzling hot” summer holiday deals – one of the most successful ones is to give them more “Double disk space and double monthly data transfer”.

So these are just some ideas to get your mind working. I left out the whole Thanksgiving special week of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc because you probably already thought of doing something on those mega sale days.

The whole idea is to gain new clients regardless of how you do it – so if you have to go that bit further to get a new client by offering free hosting and domains for a period of paid hosting then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

As long as you are covering your expenses then making a quick profit should be the least of your worries. Big hosting companies like BlueHost are obviously pros at marketing and have an army of affiliates helping them out with their BlueHost promos and specials e.g. But we can really learn something from how they do their promotions and their overall success. It’s much more important to create an established client base full of satisfied customers – as this will benefit you a lot more in the long run. That’s really the key to making gains in this business provide a great service at a reasonable price.

Recognizing Your Job Description

You are never going to be effective and make what you do impressive if you are not actually completely sure what it is you are supposed to be doing. Your job description is not just a formality. Too often these days job descriptions are regarded as something that is necessary only because “Human Resources” says so. Employment law has made them important (for instance, it is difficult to fire someone for doing an inadequate job if there is no job description or if it is vague and unclear). That apart, at one level this should very much be a working tool: one that acts as an aide-mémoire between you and your boss.

  • contract_signingCheck that you understand it and agree with what it says
  • Ask for clarification about anything that is not clear
  • Review it regularly and make sure it stays up to date

The last thing you want if you are to have a good working relationship with your boss is to have “I didn’t think that was my job” type discussions. In terms of progress and development-getting on and doing more interesting things-the job description provides a foundation from which you can move ahead.

Incidentally, it is often useful to have a look at whatever job description your boss has. They will rarely volunteer it, but you can ask (blame what you have read here). Two things are particularly useful here: firstly, the overall results required, to which you are no doubt required to contribute; and secondly, the boundaries-where your boss’s responsibility ends and, by definition, where yours may start. I would go further and suggest that it is worth getting job descriptions of everyone in a department circulated, so that everyone knows not just their individual brief, but also what everyone else is charged with-there is certainly less chance of things dropping between the cracks, as it were, when this is done and everyone is fully informed.

Your job description and what it says forms a solid foundation from which to make sure that what you do impresses; make sure it is appropriate.